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AUC’s Board of Trustees Renews Confidence in President Richard Donnie

Mon 11 Feb 2019 | 09:48 PM
Gehan Aboella

By: Gehan AboElElla ,and Salma Yassin

CAIRO, Feb 11 (SEE)- After many professors and Shurah Council tabled a motion of no confidence in the University’s President Richard Donnie last week, board of trustees declares its objection.

This was in a statement released by the board to clarify its members are the only decision makers regarding university's main issues.

The statement stated that, during board's meeting held in Cairo on February 11th 2019, members unanimously voted on the following items.

Amid celebrating the 100th anniversary of AUC, the council expresses pride that the university is the beacon of knowledge in Egypt and a center for Intellectual, social and cultural life in the Arab world.

Consequently, the board highly appreciates efforts done by university’s management, teaching staff, employees, students, graduates and the greater university society.

Also, board of trustees is the supreme authority trusted to make decisions; the role that has always been played perfectly.

Accordingly, the board renews its trust and absolute support to the university administration as well as University President Francis Ricciardone whose decisions are substantial and always contribute to the university’s progress.

The management style pursued yet is considered one out of 7 accreditation standards checking by Accreditation Committee, especially the clear understanding of how university should be managed.

This committee granted AUC accredited renewal, the step that is highly appreciated.

This also shall drive all administration members, Shura Council, teaching staff to cooperate and clarify any ambiguity in the management style.

The board of trustees does appreciate some professors' cooperation with the academic president to write the teaching staff's booklet.

The board has finally urged university president to complete all necessary consultations and handle the pamphlet final copy on April 5th, so that the council could have a sufficient time to review it before its meeting on 16 of May.