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Arabic Version of "The Discomfort of Evening" to Be Released in Egypt

Sun 18 Oct 2020 | 05:46 PM
Nour El-Hoda Fouad

Al-Arabi ‎publishing and distributing house announced Saturday that it is preparing to release an Arabic version of the novel "The Discomfort of Evening", which won the World Booker Prize for the year 2020 last September.

the Arabic cover

The release date for the novel has not yet been announced.

The novel was first written by the 29-year-old Dutch author Marika Lucas Riefeld, which was translated into English by Michele Hutchison and translated into Arabic by translator Mohamed Osman Khalifah.

"The Discomfort of Evening" is the first novel by Reinfeld, whose language is experimental and poetic.

The novel revolves around a girl called Jas who lives with her religion, and strict family in the rural Netherlands.

The family falls apart after the disappearance of one of the sons. Each of them perging from their customs and ideas.

On October 2018, Al-Arabi publishing house obtained the rights to translate the novel.


Contributed by Yara Sameh