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Virginia Shooting: Gunman Kills 3 Women

A gunman killed three women and injured others in a Norfolk district, southeastern Virginia, U.S, Wednesday evening.

Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone said officers knew the person responsible but haven’t taken them into custody, according to American media reports.

The police investigation is underway and we’re hearing reports that this may have been a premeditated crime, American media noted.

In a statement, Norfolk Police said: “Dispatchers received a call about a shooting at approximately 6 p.m. in the Young Terrace housing development.”


Also in this regard, Boone revealed the gunman shot one woman and when the other four tried to help her, the gunman shot them. The two women who were wounded were taken to a local hospital.

It’s worth noting that America has recorded more deaths from firearms than car accidents in the last decade.

According to a recent survey, a majority of Americans in both parties have a desire for more gun control, and new legislation may be on the way – the House of Representatives approved a pair of gun control bills in 2019 that could make background checks more effective.

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