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All You Need to Know about UN's Resolution Backing Full Palestinian Membership

Mon 13 May 2024 | 06:11 PM
UN general assembly (Reuters)
UN general assembly (Reuters)
Ahmed Emam

On Friday, the UN General Assembly held an emergency special session in New York to address the Gaza crisis. During the session, the majority of the members passed a resolution that upgrades Palestine's rights at the world body. However, the resolution does not grant full membership, instead, it grants Observer State status.

 The resolution urges the Security Council to consider favorably Palestine's request.

So, what does this mean? By adopting this resolution, the General Assembly will upgrade the rights of the State of Palestine within the world body, but they will not have the right to vote or nominate their candidature for organs such as the Security Council or the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). 

The State of Palestine can only become a member of the United Nations with a recommendation from the Security Council. The General Assembly has determined that Palestine meets the necessary criteria for such status and has recommended that the Security Council "reconsider the matter favorably".

However, the upgrades in status will not take effect until the new session of the Assembly begins on September 10. After that, Palestine will have the right to several changes in status, including being seated among Member States in alphabetical order, making statements on behalf of a group, submitting proposals and amendments, co-sponsoring proposals and amendments, proposing items to be included in the provisional agenda of the regular or special sessions, and the right of members of the delegation of the State of Palestine to be elected as officers in the plenary and the Main Committees of the General Assembly.

Additionally, Palestine will have full and effective participation in UN conferences and international conferences and meetings convened under the auspices of the General Assembly or other UN organs.