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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Al-Azhar Graduates, Abou El-Enein Foundation Honor Quran Winners

Mon 29 Apr 2024 | 05:24 PM
Israa Farhan

On Monday, the World Organization of Al-Azhar Graduates and the Abou El-Enein Charitable Foundation honored the winners of the annual Ramadan competition in memorizing the Quran for international students studying at Al-Azhar Sharif.

This initiative aims to encourage them to memorize the words of Allah.

This year's competition was divided into three levels: the first level, memorizing the entire Quran; the second level, memorizing half of the Quran; and the third level, a competition for beautiful recitations.

The ceremony began with a blessed Quranic recitation from Surah Al-Kahf.

In attendance were Nazir Ayad, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Research Complex, Abdel Dayim Nassir, the Secretary-General of the organization, Mohamed Al-Mahrasi, and Osama Yassin, the Vice Presidents of the World Organization of Al-Azhar Graduates.

Al-Mahrasi highlighted the significance of this competition in encouraging international students to memorize the Quran and excel in this noble endeavor.

During his speech, he emphasized that the closer one is to Allah, the more blessings they receive. He reiterated the importance of preserving the Quran, stating that it is a great blessing from Allah, and urged the winners to maintain their achievement.

Ayad stated that the Quran is light and mercy, and Allah intended it to be a lifeline for this nation and humanity as a whole.

He emphasized that the Quran addresses various crises, political, behavioral, and social, providing guidance on their causes and how to overcome them.

A large number of international students, both university and pre-university, participated in this competition, which lasted for three days, with one day dedicated to the final selection to determine the winners of the top positions in each level.

This competition provided an opportunity for those who had not previously won any of its prizes in previous years.

Seven committees were formed to conduct the tests, three for the first level, three for the second level, and one for the beautiful recitations.

The winners received valuable cash prizes and certificates of appreciation, while the Abou El Enein Charitable Foundation was awarded the organization's shield, and certificates of appreciation were presented to the examination committees.