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Ahmed Sami El-Adl Passes Away Aged 35

Sun 01 Oct 2023 | 01:22 AM
Taarek Refaat

The young director Ahmed el-Adl, son of the late actor Sami el-Adl, died on Saturday at the aged of 35.

The deceased’s sister published the news of her brother’s death, saying: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return."

The late director is the son of the late Sami el-Adl, who passed away on July 10, 2015.

Ahmed Al-Adl participated in a number of works within the directing team, including "Gamila", " El Hesab Yegma'a", " Nesr El-Se'eed" and "Ded El Kasr". He participated in acting in a number of works, including The "A'az El Weld", "Haret el Yahoud", "Fo'a Mustawa el Shubuhat"

Regarding the cause of death, Israa el-Adl, the deceased’s sister, confirmed in press statements that he was suffering from lung clots, indicating that he may have been infected with the coronavirus during the recent period.

El-Adl is the son of the great artist Sami Al-Adl and the artist Magda Nour El-Din. He is one of the most famous actors and directors in Egypt, and the beginning of his artistic career was in 1994. He studied in the United States. He then came to his homeland, where he worked as an assistant director.