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7 Dead in Brazil Due to Floods

Mon 20 Nov 2023 | 07:39 PM
Israa Farhan

In the southern regions of Brazil, heavy rains have led to devastating flooding, resulting in the tragic deaths of at least seven people.

The Brazilian authorities have confirmed that the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul have been severely affected by the continuous downpour since the beginning of this week.

Three fatalities have been confirmed in Rio Grande do Sul, where heavy rains triggered floods and landslides. Gabriel Souza, the Deputy Governor of Rio Grande do Sul, expressed his sorrow during a press conference, stating, "Unfortunately, three deaths have already been confirmed, and there is extensive damage.

Thousands of people are taking refuge in sports halls in municipalities that are grappling with heavy rains and floods."

Among the victims, two individuals lost their lives in the tourist city of Gramado, located 100 kilometers away from the capital, Porto Alegre, when their home collapsed.

More than 31,000 people have been affected by the heavy rains in Rio Grande do Sul, with over 1,600 people evacuated from their homes. Several towns, including Roca Sales, have been inundated due to the overflowing Takuary River.

Volunteers have rallied to clear the blocked streets and roads in the affected city, as the Takuary River's surging waters submerged parts of it entirely.

Dozens of trees have fallen, and streets are covered in thick mud.

The southern region of Brazil has experienced extreme weather events in recent months, including heavy rains and a devastating tornado in September that claimed over 50 lives.

Experts attribute these climate-related phenomena to ongoing climate change, warning that such occurrences are likely to recur.

As Brazil grapples with the aftermath of these floods, the nation is reminded of the urgent need to address climate change and prepare for future extreme weather events.