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5 Dead, 27 Dead After Landslide in Philippines

Wed 07 Feb 2024 | 02:23 PM
Israa Farhan

Five people died, and 27 miners remain unaccounted for following a devastating landslide that struck a mining community in the southern Philippines.

The catastrophe, which occurred in Masara village, resulted in 31 injuries, with 11 individuals in critical condition, as homes and two buses were engulfed by the mudslide.

The disaster unfolded amidst heavy rains that have besieged the region in recent weeks, catching residents off guard.

Despite a cessation in rainfall, the unexpected landslide occurred, leaving devastation in its wake.

Edward Macapili, a provincial disaster official, noted the absence of warning signs, as clear weather conditions preceded the tragedy.

Efforts to aid those affected have been challenged by treacherous road conditions and communication disruptions, hindering rescue operations.

The military, actively involved in the rescue mission, airlifted three severely injured individuals for urgent medical attention.

Additionally, the absence of a cellphone signal complicates coordination efforts in the affected area.

In response to the crisis, authorities have evacuated 285 families from Masara and surrounding villages to ensure their safety.

This incident adds to the toll of previous disasters in the region, with 18 fatalities reported from landslides and flooding just last week, according to the national disaster agency.