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27,100 Ukrainian Refugees Cross Into Poland in Last 24 Hours

Sun 29 Oct 2023 | 08:51 AM
Egyptians Flee to Poland amid Continued Shelling on Ukraine
Egyptians Flee to Poland amid Continued Shelling on Ukraine
Rana Atef

Polish Border Guard Agency announced on Saturday, the arrival of 27,100 refugees from Ukraine in the past 24 hours.

This brings the total number of Ukrainians fleeing to Poland since the beginning of the Russian military operation to more than 16.7 million refugees.

"Radio Poland” mentioned that 28,000 refugees returned to Ukraine on Monday.

Early October, Warsaw and Kyiv reached a breakthrough since the diplomatic dispute between both countries after Poland imposed a ban on imports of Ukrainian grain.

The government in Warsaw said the embargo targeted to protect local farmers against a collapse in prices.

Various Ukrainian grains that will be exported to world markets will cross through Poland without facing any quality checks at the Polish border.

Polish Agriculture Minister Robert Telus said: "We have agreed on an important question."

"From tomorrow, grains that transit (to world markets) via Lithuania will undergo checks at a Lithuanian port and not at the Poland-Ukraine border."

On its side, the Ukrainian agriculture ministry revealed that the deal would "speed up transit through Poland".

It added that Ukraine and Lithuania "support this control mechanism and consider it to be a constructive step."

Ukrainian exports that cross through Poland to world markets will remain authorized.