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2 killed in shootings in Brussels

Sun 24 Mar 2024 | 04:12 PM
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File photo
Basant Ahmed

Two people were shot dead in the city of Brussels on Sunday, in two separate incidents amid an increase in crimes related to drug smuggling, according to Belgian police sources.


A Brussels police spokesman said,  on Sunday, that he heard the first shots, which led to the death of a person in the municipality of Laeken, north of the Belgian capital. He added that after a few hours, a new shooting occurred in a neighborhood near the center, where a person was found seriously injured, according to France 24.

Another Belgian police spokesman, who did not reveal his identity, confirmed that the injured person was taken to the hospital, but he died there of his wounds.

It is noteworthy that six shooting incidents apparently linked to drug smuggling have occurred since the beginning of last February in the Belgian capital.