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Yasmine AbdelAziz Fought Serious Illnesses, Inspired Others to Be Strong

Sun 26 Sep 2021 | 03:05 PM
Ahmed Emam

If you felt like tearing up after having seen Yasmine AbdelAziz’s husband’s Ahmed El Awady's  Instagram post in July where he asked the people to pray for his wife who was dying and striving to be recovered, at that moment, you are not alone.

Many, including her compatriots from the showbiz industry and well-wishers, have been emotional and wished her a speedy recovery.

Over the past decade, a few others have shown amazing courage and grace while battling medical conditions in real life, and proving to be a source of inspiration for their fans.

From Sherihan to Ahmed Meky, and Yasmine, the audiences stay inspired by some extraordinary stories of hope and strength.

In fact, the 44-year-old actress is one of those who have managed to stay strong in the face of adversity.

Indeed, it was bad news for her fans. In August, 'Dada dudy' star went through several procedures for serious illness on her stomach. The actress first came to know about her disease in July 2021. The actress, her brother, co-stars, colleagues, and also her husband have time and again asked her fans on social media to pray for her to be well.

The dramatic, inspiring, and successful story began when the Egyptian actress was 3 hours away from death because of her doctor’s negligence.

It's worth mentioning that her husband revealed that his beloved wife had spent 4 days crying of pain. When she called her doctor telling him she feels like she’s dying, he pulled out the old “don’t make a big deal out of it” card, according to domestic media.

During the surgery, the beautiful actress went into a coma due to the nature of the injury. Shortly after this incident, she was diagnosed with a stomach muscle dysfunctional, according to her brother's remarks.

The condition makes it difficult for patients to perform simple tasks like brushing one's teeth, lifting arms, walking, etc.

She was undergoing treatment for the same in Switzerland. After the reports about her treatment came out, Yassmine's friends rushed to her residence to meet her before she left for treatment in Zurich.

"Ultimately, Yasmine made a comeback after she was treated with therapy and medicines, and recovered from the condition," domestic media said.