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Women Protests All over US against Roe V. Wade Overturn (Photos)

Thousands of women protested in several states in US after the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right of abortion known as Roe V. Wade on Friday.

Authorities of Arizona evacuated the state’s Senate due to the strong demonstrations before the building, according to the Mirror.


One of the activists told AzCentral: “As of today, all abortion care in the state of Arizona has ceased pending legal ramifications.”

“I fight because I know what happens to women who are denied abortion care… I fight because I know what happens to single mothers who raise children alone abandoned by the men who promised to show up.”

In Los Angeles, it was reported that police prepared to use rubber bullets against demonstrators, in addition, a video depicted a protester was seen pushed to the ground by police.

In New York, thousands also demonstrated outside before the headquarter of Supreme Court while others gathered in Washington Square.

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court overturned its 50-year-old Roe V. Wade decision as millions of women will lose the right to abortion.

Various states across the nation will start imposing a ban on the procedure, and almost half of the states will introduce more restrictions.

On his side, President Joe Biden described the overturn as “a tragic error” and called all states to continue executing the right of abortion for women.

Biden directed the Health and Human Services Department to provide the medications and required measures to protect the right to travel to another state for an abortion.

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