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Turkiye: 20,000 Syrians Return Home after Earthquake

Tue 21 Feb 2023 | 03:38 PM
Turkiye’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar
Turkiye’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar
Israa Farhan

On Tuesday, Turkiye’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar announced the number of Syrian refugees returning to their country since the devastating earthquake on February 6 has reached 20,000.

Akar denied talks about an increase in the influx of displaced Syrians to Turkiye after the quake, and said, according to local media, "More than 20,000 Syrians have returned to their country since the earthquake."

He added that the return comes because of the collapse of their homes as a result of the deadly earthquake that struck the south of the country.

The company's general manager, Bilal Akshi said the company operated 3,032 flights related to the earthquake disaster that shook southern Turkiye.

He explained that 265,754 people were evacuated from the quake zones through these flights, and 143,740 rescue and humanitarian relief teams were transported.

A devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 struck southern Turkiye and northern Syria at dawn on Monday, Feb. 6, while the aftershocks of the earthquake reached other countries in the region, and were felt by residents in Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt.

The earthquake in Turkiye and Syria caused severe damage to thousands of buildings, including schools, health care facilities, and other public infrastructure such as roads, airports, ports, oil stations, power lines, water supply, and sanitation, and hundreds of aftershocks were recorded.