Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Turkish Ambassador Visits Beko Manufacturing Plant in Egypt

Tue 14 May 2024 | 07:00 PM

On Tuesday, the Turkish Ambassador to Egypt, Saleh Mutlu Cin, visited the newly opened Beko manufacturing plant in Egypt's 10th of Ramadan City, underscoring the strengthening economic ties between Turkey and Egypt. Beko, a leading Turkish home appliance brand, has established itself as Europe's foremost exporter in the industry, boasting a presence in 150 countries, annual sales of €11 billion, and a workforce of 55,000 across 45 production facilities.

This strategic investment by Beko aligns with its vision of global leadership in the home appliance sector. Despite the economic fluctuations and geopolitical challenges in the region, Beko has pressed forward with its investments, supported by a gold license from the Egyptian government—a first for Turkish investors—which facilitated the rapid initiation of production.

The plant is poised to be a significant regional hub, exporting over 60% of its output to markets in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. With an initial capacity to produce 1.2 million refrigerators and stoves, the facility spans 114,000 square meters, provided by the Egyptian state. It is expected to create approximately 2,000 direct and indirect jobs, enhancing the local economy.

Beko's commitment to high standards is evident in its adoption of zero-error production principles and LEED Gold certification, reflecting the highest international standards for environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing. The products are designed to be waste-free, energy-efficient, and recyclable.

In addition to its manufacturing prowess, Beko is dedicated to advancing technology and innovation. The company fosters collaborations with universities and continuously operates an in-house research and development center to enhance its product offerings. The facility works closely with Egyptian suppliers, contractors, and infrastructure providers, ensuring a robust local integration and high-tech technology transfer.

Ambassador Cin lauded the opening of the Beko plant as a milestone that not only contributes positively to the bilateral relations between Turkey and Egypt but also sets a standard for industrial collaboration in the region. He expressed his delight at witnessing such a landmark investment that promises to bring lasting economic benefits and enhance the industrial landscape in Egypt. The ongoing support from both the Turkish state and the embassy will ensure the continued success and growth of this pioneering venture.