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Trump: Biden's Physical, Mental Condition Fading

Sun 03 Apr 2022 | 12:08 PM
Omnia Ahmed

Former U.S. President Donald Trump noted that President Joe Biden’s physical and mental health had been deteriorating, just like the state of the entire country.

"Nothing we can do to stop Joe Biden’s mental and physical decline; with your vote this November we can stop our country’s decline," Trump said at his rally in Michigan on Saturday.

Moreover, he added that the tenure of Biden’s administration will be considered by historians as a stain on the US reputation.

"Historians will record this period of American history as a catastrophic low point and a stain upon our once great reputation."

Also, the former president affirmed that the US has never been treated by other countries with such "disrespect and scorn" and that other countries’ leaders are allegedly not returning Biden’s phone calls.

In previous remarks, Trump has criticized Biden and NATO regarding the Ukrainian-Russian crisis, asserting that he would have handled the situation better.

“Of course [Putin] is smart,” he said. “The NATO nations and indeed the world, as he looks over what’s happening strategically with no repercussions or threats whatsoever, they’re not so smart, they’re looking the opposite of smart.”