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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Sudanese Mining Company Calls for Coordination with Military to Secure Mining Sites

Fri 26 Jan 2024 | 04:00 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

In a recent development, the General Manager of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Limited Company, Hamad Tahir Omar, emphasized the importance of coordination with the armed forces, other governmental agencies, and state governments to secure mining areas and the premises of companies operating in the sector.

During a visit to the headquarters of the Third Infantry Division in Shendi locality, the director engaged in discussions concerning the overall security situation in the mining areas of the River Nile State. He stated that the River Nile State is one of the largest producers of gold and plays a significant role in the national economy.

He called for increased coordination in securing mining areas and the concession blocks belonging to companies operating in the state. He pointed out that the River Nile State is home to promising companies with substantial gold reserves.

In this context, the Commander of the Third Infantry Division, Major General Hamdan Abdelqader Daoud, affirmed the vigilance of the armed forces and their readiness throughout the state to safeguard citizens and the country's mineral resources. He also expressed his full readiness for further coordination with the Sudanese Mineral Resources Limited Company in securing the sites and premises of mining companies operating in the River Nile area.

This collaborative effort between the mining industry and the military is crucial for ensuring the safety and stability of Sudan's mining sector, which plays a pivotal role in the nation's economy. As the River Nile State continues to be a major gold-producing region, such partnerships are vital for maintaining a secure environment that encourages further investment and growth in this vital industry.