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Study Reveals Formation of New Sea That Halves Continent of Africa

Wed 22 Feb 2023 | 01:42 PM
Ahmed Moamar

An international study showed that a new sea is forming in the continent of Africa, and it may divide the continent into two halves, due to the 56-km-long rift that appeared in the Ethiopian deserts.

The study, recently published in the Geophysical Research Letters Journal, collects seismic data from the fault's formation to show that it is similar to that occurring on the ocean floor.

According to the study, it is the same movement that created the Red Sea millions of years ago, but at a much slower rate.

Geologists confirmed that a “new ocean” is being created as the African continent is divided into two halves.

There was widespread shock and amazement at the prospect and possibility of creating a new ocean in Africa, as reported by the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

Edwin Dende, of the Department of Geology at the University of Nairobi's College of Science and Technology, believes that an ocean could already be forming along the eastern arm of the African Rift Valley.

Dendy explains that tectonic plates are in constant motion, shifting against each other along African Rift Zones.