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Study: Delta Double Transmissible Than Alpha

A new study showed that the recent globally-emerged Coronavirus variant Delta is more transmissible than the Alpha variant with more than 200%, media agencies reported on Monday.

In addition, the study highlighted that this strain could leave more dangerous effects and symptoms for patients.

Therefore, Chinese Center for Control Disease and Prevention experts told local media reporters that vaccines could be less effective against the previously mentioned strain, however, this does not deny the importance and protection of the vaccines against Delta strain.


They added that there is no effective vaccine by 100% against any virus, asserting that currently available vaccines are capable of affecting various mutated versions of the virus.

The study also showed that vaccines succeeded in reducing the duration of treatment and declining the number of dangerous COVID-19 linked cases, and deaths.

It is worthy to mention that the Delta variant is no leading China to a major and nationwide COVID-19 restriction, alongside side expected lockdown since the Wuhan crisis.

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