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N. Korean Amb. Highlights Enduring Friendship with Egypt

Mon 12 Feb 2024 | 08:11 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

In a heartfelt address at the North Korean embassy in Cairo, Ambassador Ma Tong-hui celebrated the enduring bonds of friendship and cooperation between North Korea and Egypt, which have stood the test of time under the leadership of both nations. 

The occasion marked the 82nd birthday celebration of the late leader Kim Jong Il, underscoring the deep-rooted relations that have evolved to meet the demands of a new era and shared interests.

Ambassador Ma Tong-hui reaffirmed North Korea's unwavering commitment, under the guidance of President Kim Jong Un, to elevate these bilateral ties to unprecedented levels, reflecting the aspirations of both countries in the contemporary global landscape.

Highlighting the mutual support between the two nations, the Ambassador voiced confidence in Egypt's backing for North Korea's aspirations towards building a robust and self-reliant state. This solidarity, he noted, is instrumental in advancing cooperation and fostering a spirit of camaraderie between the two peoples.

The Ambassador lauded the visionary leadership of Kim Jong Il for his significant contributions to fostering a strong partnership with Egypt, which has not only enriched the global socialist movement but also championed the cause of human independence. Under the current leadership of Kim Jong Un, North Korea continues to navigate challenges, making remarkable strides in national development and security, thereby contributing to regional and global peace.

The commemorative event, attended by Egyptian friends and dignitaries, served as a testament to the mutual respect and affection between the peoples of North Korea and Egypt. Ambassador Ma Tong-hui's remarks underscored the shared journey of both nations towards prosperity and strength, anchored in a legacy of enduring friendship and collaborative spirit.