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Morocco Unveils 1st Moroccan Car Brand, Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle

Tue 16 May 2023 | 08:11 PM
Israa Farhan

Morocco unveiled the production of the first Moroccan-made car and another hydrogen-powered vehicle.

On Monday, at the Royal Palace in Rabat, King Mohammed VI presided over the presentation ceremony of the first Moroccan manufacturer's car model and the prototype of a hydrogen-powered vehicle developed by a Moroccan.

The car was produced by New Motors, a company funded with Moroccan capital, and the prototype of the hydrogen vehicle belongs to NamX, which was called the HUV Hydrogen Utility Vehicle.

The director of New Motors said the Moroccan-made car will be available in the market starting next July, at a price ranging between 170,000 dirhams (about 17,000 dollars) and 190,000 dirhams (about 19,000 dollars).6

He explained that the car runs on gasoline in the category of "crossover", suitable for rural and mountainous areas, and will be directed mainly to the Moroccan market, and later to the African and European markets, provided that in the next stage, a four-wheel drive version with an electric motor will be issued."

He added that the investment allocated for this car amounts to 156 million dirhams ($15.5 million), made within the framework of an agreement signed by the company with the Ministry of Industry in 2019, and that extends for ten years.

In addition to the Moroccan-made car, the royal palace witnessed the presentation of the prototype of the hydrogen vehicle called "Namex", which was designed by Fawzi Al-Najah.

It will be supplied with hydrogen by means of a central tank that will be reinforced with six removable capsules, which will enable significant battery capacity and facilitate hydrogen charging in a few minutes.