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Man Accused of Killing Wife in Zamalek Suffered Mental Illness- Prosecution

Sun 06 Feb 2022 | 04:48 AM
Taarek Refaat

The only survivor of the “Zamalek massacre” died on Saturday of injuries from gunfire, bringing the number of victims to 5 people in the crime that shook the Zamalek district on Friday.

After shooting all of her family members, the killer, 22, started shooting his mother-in-law mother, 58-year-old, wounding her before he shot himself and died on the spot.

The Public Prosecution Office in Egypt continues to investigate the crime that took place on Friday, during which a businessman killed his wife, sister and her ex-husband, before committing suicide with his own weapon.

The prosecution seized the firearm used in the execution of the crime, and the bullet cartridges, and they were sent to the criminal lab to prepare a detailed report to complete the investigations.

The victims are the "22-year-old husband", the victim's wife 20 years old, the 42-year-old sister, and ex-husband, 53 years old. They were all transferred to Zeinhom Morgue.

The beginning was when the director of Cairo security received a notification from the Zamalek Police Department, to write a report of shooting and casualties.

Immediately, the security services and ambulances moved and the bodies of a man, his wife and his sister were found, while his wife's mother was found injured, who said that that the husband is the person, who committed the crime.

Investigations by police indicated that the accused used an unlicensed weapon in committing the crime, while preliminary investigations suggested that family disputes were the cause of the incident, and that surveillance cameras in the property showed that the husband arrived earlier with big bag in his possession, which most probably included the weapons and the ammunition.

Reports indicated that the husband has been subjected to physiological treatment in a psychiatric hospital; as he was suffering from mental illness.