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Lebanon's Slim Assassination: Domestic, Intl' Anger, Condemnations

Thu 04 Feb 2021 | 03:15 PM
Yassmine Elsayed

The Lebanon's 'Future Movement' headed by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri condemned Lokman Slim murder today, warning against the return of 'assassinations and targeting activists', after the prominent opponent of Hezbollah was shot to death in his car.

In a statement, the movement expressed, in the strongest terms, its condemnation of the "heinous crime", calling on authorities to work to unfold the truth as soon as possible.

Earlier, Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy said: "What happened today is a horrific and condemned crime, and since the morning there have been contacts with the leaders of the security services to follow up the repercussions of the assassination of the researcher and political activist Lokman Slim."

Mean while, Al-Arabiya sources revealed that the family of the slain researcher intends to hand over his mobile phone to international bodies.

Commenting on this crime, the family asserted that the latter had never hidden the death threats he was receiving, confirming that the party that assassinated him is known, in reference to the de facto forces in southern Lebanon (Hezbollah).

At the same time, the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Yan Kubish, condemned this assassination, saying: “I feel very distressed by the tragic loss of Lokman Slim and I call on the authorities to investigate the matter quickly and transparently."

On her part, the French Ambassador to Lebanon Anne Grillo expressed her deep sadness at the horrific crime. "I received with deep sadness and great concern the news of the assassination of Luqman Salim," she said in a statement.

In addition, the European Union Ambassador Ralph Tarraf affirmed his full condemnation of the assassination, and condemned the "culture of impunity prevailing in Lebanon," as he put it.