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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Lebanese vote in  Parliamentary Elections tomorrow

Sat 14 May 2022 | 10:12 PM
Ahmed Moamar

The Lebanese Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, confirmed that full preparations have been made to hold the parliamentary elections tomorrow, Sunday, on all Lebanese territories at all security, administrative and logistical levels.

Mawlawi expected that tomorrow will witness a heavy turnout from the Lebanese in all polling stations across the country after the positive indicators of participation rates.

The high recorded by the Lebanese in the two stages of voting by expatriates abroad and the stage of voting by employees yesterday.

Judge Mawlawi said - in an exclusive interview with the director of the Middle East News Agency's office in Lebanon, hours before the start of the electoral process - that the security forces are deploying from today with tight plans based on security, military and intelligence studies and proactive measures, explaining that those plans were developed during many meetings that held with representatives of all security forces,