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Lavrov Says US Interested in Weakening Europe Militarily

Mon 31 Oct 2022 | 08:36 AM
Sergey Lavrov
Sergey Lavrov
Nada Mustafa

Russian Foreign Minister (FM) Sergey Lavrov said on Sunday that the US is interested in weakening Europe militarily and reducing its industrialization.

"Many economists, not only in Russia but in the West have come to the conclusion that Washington seeks to completely exhaust the European economy and de-industrialization," Lavrov added, in comments reported by the Russian news agency "TASS".

Moreover, the Russian top diplomat stressed that it is in Washington's interest to weaken Europe militarily, keep it on alert, make it flood Ukraine with weapons, and replenish the arsenals of European Union countries with US supplies.

The Russian minister said that Washington's policy is based on selfish economic interests and doctrines of ideological superiority.

"The Europeans are already suffering from economic sanctions more seriously than the US," Lavrov added.