Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Kuwait Supports Egypt's AWIRE Initiative

Tue 19 Mar 2024 | 03:50 PM
Ahmed Emam

Kuwait has expressed its support for the Action Initiative on Water Adaptation and Resilience (AWIRE) and a draft resolution submitted by Egypt aimed at reducing water loss, improving its supply, supporting appropriate policies, and linking water and climate to achieve the sixth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Kuwait's representative to UNESCO, Ambassador Adam El-Mulla, welcomed the draft resolution submitted by Qatar on "protecting education" from attacks, emphasizing the importance of such decisions, their implementation on the ground, and the need to stop violence against educational and academic institutions. 

During the 219th session of the Executive Board of UNESCO, Al-Mulla praised the new approach in implementing the program adopted by the General Conference, stressing that the organization is moving in the right direction to develop mechanisms for presentation and evaluation and to follow up on the progress made in implementing the program. 

However, he also pointed out some points that still need improvement, such as the financial aspect that needs simplification and more detail, especially regarding the cost of programs and the extent to which member states benefit from them. 

He urged UNESCO to take full responsibility towards the disaster in the Gaza Strip and to accelerate the implementation of Resolution 42/54, which was adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO at its last session.

Kuwait affirmed its intention to continue working and cooperating with all members of the Executive Council and all partners inside and outside UNESCO to implement projects and initiatives that will enhance the organization's role and reach its desired goals.