Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Iran Condemns Israeli "Terrorist" Attack on Its Consulate in Damascus

Mon 01 Apr 2024 | 09:54 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

The spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanani, strongly condemned the Israeli "terrorist" assault targeting the Iranian consulate building in Damascus, describing it as a flagrant violation of international norms.

In a statement made today, Kanani emphasized that this act should be vehemently condemned by the international community, the United Nations, and necessary measures must be taken against the aggressor. He noted that investigations are currently underway to explore the full extent of this brutal attack, stating that the responsibility for its consequences lies entirely with the aggressor Zionist entity.

Kanani added that Iran reserves the right to take reciprocal measures and will determine the nature of the response and punishment for the aggressor.