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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

International publication of immediate healing for personality development from a distance

Tue 16 Mar 2021 | 12:25 PM
By Dr. Hadi Eltonsi, Retired Ambassador and Medical Doctor

The international publishing house BP International has selected the research paper on immediate healing for personality development published as a scientific discovery research article in a British Journal of Psychiatry and Psychology after two rounds of peer review as a basis to be published as a chapter in its book "Highlights on Medicine and Medical Research" after adding a new section to the paper that includes the possibility of conducting treatment or immediate personality development remotely.

According to the aforementioned Publishing house website, mentioned in the publication acceptance letter received by the medical doctor and former ambassador Dr. Hadi Eltonsi who discovered the immediate healing for personality development , the house is concerned with supporting innovations by publishing the best scientific researches around the world, taking into account the most accurate professional standards of publishing and integrity in support of researchers.

It is worth noting that during the five years since Dr. Hadi Eltonsi obtained intellectual property for the immediate and innovative healing of personality development, it was presented at 7 scientific conferences in Europe and Dubai, describing his work as valuable and exceptional, and three films; two of them are Americans who entered international festivals and ;one winner of them was in Gala Venice in 2017 awarded as best international film and the third Egyptian entitled Doctor of Happiness, directed by Sherif Gaber Salem. In addition it was shown through 19 seminars in the most important forums, 20 television interviews and 6 radio, besides press coverage of the healing in Egypt and Austria.

The immediate healing for personality development without medication within 3 hours according to the agreement with recipient relates to its maturation to reach the highest level of inner peace, happiness and competence in addition to treatment of neurotic diseases such as depression, anxiety, compulsive obsessive neurosis, phobias, psychosomatic disorders of psychological causes and negative habits, such as obesity, smoking and insomnia. Firstly a dialogue part through 2 hours discussion such as an extended session of what is known as cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy to reach a joint analysis of personality and define the goals of psychological and physical therapy, and this is followed by imprinting the agreed content on the unconscious mind through silent interpersonal hypnosis, transfer of energy and telepathy with personification in order to achieve the desired results permanently and immediately for all the mentioned goals without pain, effort or complications.

In addition to the possibility of conducting it as distant healing or in medical facilities and alternative medicine centers as mental support, it can be used in centers of excellence for tourists and celebrities and to prepare leaders in universities, institutions, banks and companies with the knowledge of a specialized team and explanatory studies of the center’s plan and the therapist’s guide in this regard that include evaluation standards for personality development before and after its introduction.