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India's Aditya-L1 Reaches Solar Orbit

Sun 07 Jan 2024 | 11:55 AM
Aditya-L1 Launching
Aditya-L1 Launching
Rana Atef

India's first solar probe, Aditya-L1, reached the solar orbit, on Saturday, to study the activities of the sun.

The spacecraft was launched towards the Sun on September 2, in a trip that took 4 months.  

Space agency Isro launched it a few days after India's historical milestone of becoming the first nation to land on the lunar south pole.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the mission was "a landmark" and an "extraordinary feat".

Modi posted on X: "It is a testament to the relentless dedication of our scientists in realizing among the most complex and intricate space missions."