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Governor of Alexandria Meets EU Delegation

Wed 31 Jan 2024 | 01:44 PM
Yara Sameh

On Wednesday, delegation from the European Union (EU) in Egypt, led by Ambassador Christian Berger, paid a visit to Alexandria and Kafr EI-Sheikh to inspect infrastructure and sanitation projects in the two cities.

The visit, part of an intensive agenda spanning two days, will focus on water-related issues, involving discussions with young entrepreneurs and the private sector.

The delegation included ambassadors of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Belgium, Slovenia, Lithuania, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania and the Netherlands, in addition to representatives of the European Investment Bank.

The visit aims to enhance environmental conditions, contribute to sustainable economic development, and support urban adaptability and climate-related activities.

The projects in Alexandria and Kafr El-Sheikh, funded by the EU and the European Investment Bank, aim to improve sanitary conditions for residents and the quality of water bodies, benefiting nearly 1.5 million people and supporting environmental and economic sustainability in the Nile Delta and Mediterranean regions.

The EU delegation met with the Governor of Alexandria, Major General Mohamed Al-Sharif, and inspected the wastewater treatment plant in western Alexandria.

The governor warmly welcomed the delegation and remarked that the European Union was one of the largest and main partners of the Arab Republic of Egypt towards the development and construction process.

He has also underlined the programs implemented with European banks in a way that stimulates progress and is in line with the goals of national priorities and presidential initiatives.  

"Egyptian-European relations have developed in a form of integration and partnership that meets development requirements. Cooperation with the European Union is the best example of constructive partnerships that extend over decades, " he noted.

The Governer emphasized the fruitful and constructive cooperation between Alexandria Governorate and the European Union, especially in the field of infrastructure development projects that serve the areas most in need, which are consistent with the Egyptian state's strategy and Egypt's Vision 2023, and in light of the directives of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi towards achieving the goals of Sustainable development and providing a decent life for citizens. 

He referred to the  many joint activities and projects that take place in cooperation with the European Union, including, for example: 

• In the context of supporting the state's efforts to transition towards a green economy, the city of Alexandria witnessed the launch of the first wholesale market in the world powered by solar energy (February 12, 2022), and thus the city of Alexandria became the first city to have a market powered by solar energy. 

• Within the framework of the community development program funded by the European Union and the framework agreements concluded in Alexandria, specifically in the field of infrastructure development projects: 

Infrastructure development projects in Amriya, during which the governor and Berger opened the first One of these projects, "Nasiriyah Market Development Project within the second Amriya zone," on December 12, 2022.

• This is in addition to the activities and events that take place on the governorate of Alexandria in cooperation with the European Union in the field of preserving the environment and confronting climate change, most notably the activities of cleaning Alexandria's beaches from plastic, as well as implementing awareness and educational seminars targeting all segments of society. 

"In conclusion; On my own behalf and on behalf of the citizens of Alexandria, I extend my full thanks and appreciation to the European Union for its distinguished role in Alexandria, which is clearly demonstrated in financing a number of infrastructure projects and improving the quality of life," he said.