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See Interviews Jewelry Designer Ahmed Nabil

Gold Prices

Thu 01 Jun 2023 | 03:57 PM
Walid Farouk

From a young age, he learned the profession as he grew up among the walls of goldsmiths. He spent most of his childhood in the El-Gamaleya neighborhood with his father, who was a silver trader, to absorb the arts and secrets of the industry, which he later refined by studying.

Jewelry designer Ahmed Nabil said in an exclusive interview with "See” that he joined the profession of gold and silversmithing 20 years ago, as his father was working as a silver trader in the El-Gamaleya. The presence of the goldsmiths around him helped the designer to get acquainted with all stages of manufacturing and gave him the knowledge of converting pieces of raw gold and silver and precious stones into Jewelry.

He then tried enriching his talent and passion for jewelry by learning design, so he went to one of the jewelry education institutes, besides applied practice.

Nabil said, "During the past years, I made many pieces of jewelry for some big brands, which I made in my small workshop in El-Hussein."

He added, "I try to employ different techniques in cutting jewelry, whether it is casting and smelting or sawing and placing precious stones.

"Each piece must have a story inspired by it. It can be from nature, such as birds and animals, or from Arab antiquities and poetry. It can also be inspired by Islamic and Pharaonic elements, as the design is the soul of the piece alongside the technology.

Nabil explained that despite his work in the manufacture of gold, he tried to place pieces of diamonds in silver, adding that silver in itself is a precious metal and carries a value, just like gold, the difference can be in the investment value, but silver work is a piece of art that is made to suit all societal classes, especially with the high gold prices.

He added, "People used to buy gold for the sake of adornment, and the shape was a major factor in choosing the piece of Jewelry, and the social status determined the taste of every woman, but nowadays both men and women buy gold only for the sake of saving, or investment."

He pointed out that the continuation of this purchasing method will harm the gold and silver industry, and many manufacturers will be forced to close their workshops and lay off workers.