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Get to Know All 5th GFF Winners

Sat 23 Oct 2021 | 04:24 PM
Rana Atef

The fifth edition of GFF lights went off on Friday. This edition witnessed a new record in the history of GFF as it saw the participation of more than 80 films. Here is a list of all 5th GFF winners.

Regarding the Feature Documentary Award, El Gouna Bronze Star goes "Sabaya". While the Silver one goes to "Lost Island" by Laurent Stoop. The Gold Star award was given to "Life of Ivanna" by Renato Borrayo Serrano.

While "Ostrov-Lost Land" by Svetlana Rodina and Laurent Stoop was granted the silver star, and "Sabaya" by Hogir Hirori had the bronze star.

On the other hand, Captains of Za'atriby by Ali El Arabi won the best Arab documentary.

Next is Short Film Competitions, El Gouna Golden star for Short Film went to "Katia" by Andry Natocinsky. On the other hand, the silver star was awarded to "War to Holy" and the bronze one went to "Went on Solid Ground"

The "Holy Son by solid ground" Jela Hasler. Finally, "Solid Ground" by Jeka Gasker. In addition, CAI-BER  by Abdelsalam.

After that come to El Gouna Green Star Award, the award went to the Lebanese Costa Brava since it focuses on the impact of waste on the life of people.

Moving to the official competition, El Gouna Golden Star goes to The Blind, the Man Did not See Titanic." next, "Sundown" was announced as the winner of the silver. Finally, the Gold Star was awarded to it.

The Egyptian "Feathers” directed by Omar Z won the Best Arab Narrative Feature. The El Gouna Golden Star goes to the Serbian went to Petri Poikolainen."

The NETPAC was given to Once Upon Time Want to cost. hold on the hand, the FIPRESCI award was given to Costa Brava.