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German FM Heads for Hague to Discuss Ways to Prosecute Russian President

Mon 16 Jan 2023 | 05:31 PM
Ahmed Moamar

German Foreign Minister (FM) Angelina Baerbock plans during her visit to the Dutch city of The Hague today, Monday, to discuss ways to hold Russian President Vladimir Putin accountable for the war against Ukraine.

The minister, who belongs to the Green Party, wants, during her presentation at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Dutch city, this morning, to meet first with the President of the Court, Piotr Hofmansky, and then with the Prosecutor, Karim Khan.

Before heading to The Hague, Babcock said, "Putin tramples on the most basic principles of international law that bind all peoples... Russia's war against Ukraine is also a war against justice," adding that she wants to make it clear through her visit that "international law is strong, and its application and strengthening is now It is up to us.”

Angelina Baerbock is scheduled to address the Hague Academy of International Law. The minister studied international law, among other things, but did not complete a doctorate in this field.

She stressed that the bombing of "cluster bombs on peaceful civilians, torture prisons in dark basements, the kidnapping of thousands of Ukrainian children - the brutal Russian rampage in violation of international law in Ukraine, and the brutality of war cannot be justified by anything."