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Last Ottoman Empire’s Heir Passes Away

On Tuesday, the last Ottoman Empire’s heir Doundar Abdel Karim Othmanoglu passed away at the age of 90 years old according to a statement released by the family.

Orhan Othmanoglu said in a tweet, “the father of our family and our Ottoman dynasty Doundar Abdel Karim Othomanoglu passed away in Damascus, Syria.”

The last heir lived in Damascus since 1924 where he was born as the members of the dead empire rulers’ family members were forced to leave the country after the fall of the empire.


However, the females had the right to return to Turkey in 1952 and the males had the same right in 1974.

Furthermore, the departed prince was Prince Mohamed Salim Afandy’s, the son of the celebrated Sultan Abdel Hamid II, grandchild.



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