Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

EU Ambassador Affirms Support for Egypt’s Agricultural Development for Self-Sufficiency and Export

Mon 13 May 2024 | 12:31 PM

The European Union Ambassador to Cairo, Christian Berger, emphasized the EU's commitment to enhancing Egypt's agricultural sector. This commitment is part of the broader cooperation and partnership agenda with Egypt, aiming to support its grain storage capabilities, improve efficiency, and minimize waste. This initiative is intended to satisfy local consumption demands and bolster Egypt’s export capacity.

Speaking at a journalist workshop in Alexandria, which focused on water issues, Berger highlighted the critical role of the ongoing EU-Egypt water dialogues. These discussions serve as a vital platform to reinforce the collaborative efforts and the substantial support the EU provides to Egypt in tackling water-related challenges, underscoring the enduring strategic partnership between the two entities.

Berger remarked that since 2007, the European Union has been a primary supporter of Egypt's water sector, contributing over 600 million euros in grants and facilitating roughly 3.5 billion euros in related investments with other European financial institutions.

The EU-funded programs currently span over 16 Egyptian provinces, creating approximately 30,000 permanent and 650,000 temporary job opportunities predominantly in rural areas. These initiatives are projected to enhance the living standards of nearly 24 million Egyptians by 2028.

These investments focus on improving life quality through better water services, ensuring food security, and sustaining the agricultural sector. Significant projects include the construction and rehabilitation of wastewater treatment facilities, which are critical in areas experiencing severe water shortages.

Berger particularly noted the EU’s support for expanding the sewage system in West Alexandria, a project aimed at drastically enhancing the sewage treatment capabilities in the city. This initiative is vital for reducing environmental pollution and producing cleaner water, which is crucial for the coastal city of Alexandria where water quality directly influences public health and the marine ecosystem.

The Ambassador concluded by affirming that supporting the water sector remains a foundational element of the comprehensive and strategic partnership between the EU and Egypt. This partnership facilitates cross-sectoral cooperation, highlighting water management as a crucial pillar and demonstrating the mutual commitment to fulfilling essential infrastructure needs while fostering sustainable practices that align with global environmental objectives.