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Egypt’s Immigration Min. attends Iftar with Armenian Community

Wed 05 Apr 2023 | 10:18 AM
Israa Farhan

Within the framework of the presidential initiative "Reviving the Roots", Suha El-Gendy, the Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, participated in an Iftar gathering hosted by a number of the symbols of the Armenian community in Egypt.

The gathering was in the presence of Hrachya Poladian, the Ambassador of Armenia to Egypt, His Eminence the Catholic Archbishop of the Armenians, Armin Mazloumian, President of the Armenian National Authority, Muhammad Al-Orabi, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ezzat Saad, the former Governor of Luxor, as well as the ambassadors of the countries of Greece, Cyprus, Cuba, and Venezuela, and a number of members of the House of Representatives. Sheikhs, and a number of senior public figures, artists, writers, journalists, and media professionals.

El-Gendy delivered a speech in which she welcomed all the attendees, and expressed her happiness at participating in this ceremony at the kind invitation of the Armenian community in Cairo, stressing that the "Egyptian-Armenians" have played an important role in Egypt's modern history and are still contributing.

She also expressed her sincere thanks and deep appreciation to Poladian and Mazloumian for their warm reception and generous hospitality.

The minister pointed out that she had met a number of the Armenian community in California of Egyptian origin, during her recent visit to the United States, which confirms that the relationship between the two peoples is deeply rooted in history.

El-Gendy invited them to visit Egypt in light of the continued implementation of the presidential initiative "Revive the Roots" launched by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in 2017.

The minister concluded her speech by expressing her hopes that the coming period would witness a real starting point for strengthening "Egyptian-Armenian" relations in various fields, and she also wished the state of Armenia and its friendly people all success, progress, and prosperity.

The Egyptian-Armenian ties enjoy a historical, cultural heritage and strong popular relations, as el-Sisi was the first Egyptian president to visit Armenia in 30 years, in late January, in a positive step aimed at strengthening cooperation relations to come up with fruitful results to formulate a better future for the two countries.

In his speech, Mazloumian, welcomed the attendees and participants, stressing that the Ramadan Iftar represents the national unity that distinguishes Egypt from the rest of the world.

The ceremony permeated a Ramadan atmosphere, which the Armenian Authority was keen to implement, by setting up a Ramadan tent made of Ramadan tent fabrics, and allocating a place for prayer next to the ceremony while making sure to turn on the Holy Quran Radio before the Maghrib call to prayer, and the guests ate their breakfast to the tunes of Ramadan songs.