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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egyptian Scientist Invents World's Fastest Optical Transistor

Thu 23 Feb 2023 | 01:52 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Professor Mohamed Hassan, an Egyptian scientist, residing in the United States, managed to achieve a new achievement, which is the development of the first and fastest "transistor" in the world that transmits optical information, which is expected to enter the stage of the application soon.

Prof. Hassan achieved this achievement through his leadership of a research team at the American University of Arizona, USA, where he works as a professor of physics and light, and the results of what they achieved were published, on Wednesday evening, on the cover of the American magazine Science Advances.

In his first interview with the press about this achievement, the Egyptian scientist told Sky News Arabia that it "will lead to a real revolution in the world of communications and technology, and work to facilitate people's lives in an unprecedented way."

Dr. Hassan pointed out that "the semiconductor-based transistor is the main element currently in the modern electronics industry."

This innovation controls the optical signal reflected from the material that falls under the influence of the attosecond laser, which is considered the beginning of a real revolution for the development of ultra-fast optical electronics.”