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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egypt Firmly Opposes Proposed Israeli Military Operation in Rafah

Sun 11 Feb 2024 | 11:36 PM
Egyptian Foreign Ministry Headquarters
Egyptian Foreign Ministry Headquarters

Egypt has unequivocally rejected Israeli plans for a military operation in Rafah, located in the southern Gaza Strip, citing severe concerns over the potential humanitarian impact.

In a statement released on Sunday by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt highlighted the dire consequences such actions could entail, including the escalation of violence and further displacement of Palestinian civilians.

Egypt is calling on the international community to unite in preventing any military aggression towards Rafah, a city that has become a refuge for nearly 1.4 million displaced Palestinians. The Egyptian stance is clear: any military intervention in Rafah, combined with the continued blockade limiting humanitarian aid, would constitute a violation of international norms and contribute to the forced displacement of Palestinians.

In its ongoing diplomatic efforts, Egypt is engaging with various international actors to advocate for an immediate ceasefire, the restoration of calm, and the facilitation of prisoner exchanges. The country urges global powers to exert pressure on Israel to reconsider its approach and avoid exacerbating the situation, which could have widespread detrimental effects.

The strategic importance of the Rafah crossing and the adjacent Philadelphia Corridor underscores Egypt's commitment to maintaining control over its borders in line with international agreements. Discussions, including those with US officials like Senator Chris Van Hollen, have underscored the challenges posed by Israeli inspections at the Rafah crossing, which hinder the delivery of much-needed humanitarian assistance.

Egypt's resolute position reflects its broader commitment to supporting the Palestinian cause and stabilizing the region. The nation's efforts to mediate peace and ensure the flow of aid underscore its pivotal role in addressing the complex challenges facing the Middle East.