Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Bomb Explosion in Southwest Pakistan Kills One, Injures 14 Including Soldiers

Sat 30 Mar 2024 | 04:12 PM

A bomb explosion in Pakistan's southwest resulted in the death of one individual and left 14 injured on Saturday, according to police officials. The incident, which occurred in the Hernai district northeast of Quetta city in Baluchistan province, also wounded three soldiers.

Javed Domki, the Deputy Commissioner of Hernai, reported that the improvised explosive device (IED) detonated as a team from Mari Petroleum Company was carrying out a gas exploration survey in the area. The attack has yet to be claimed by any group.

Baluchistan, rich in natural gas resources, has long been embroiled in a low-level insurgency. Separatist groups in the region have been fighting for independence from the central government in Islamabad, demanding a greater share of the province's resources.

Despite assertions from the Pakistani government that the insurgency has been largely subdued, episodes of violence continue to disrupt the peace in the province, underscoring the ongoing challenges in addressing the grievances of Baluchistan's populace.

The attack highlights the volatile security situation in Baluchistan, a province that has witnessed a series of violent incidents over the years. Authorities are investigating the explosion, and security measures in the area have been heightened in response to the incident.