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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Biden Supports Banning ‘TikTok’ for Fear of Data Security

Mon 27 Mar 2023 | 12:07 AM
Israa Farhan

US Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner announced the support of President Joe Biden's administration for a bill banning the use of the "TikTok" application, fearing for data security and preventing China’s media influence.

“I think the White House is very supportive of this bill,” the senator said in an interview with CBS News in response to a related question.

He also added that this app on social networking sites not only represents a threat in terms of ensuring the security of personal data for users in the US but can also be a means of media influence by Beijing on Americans.

Earlier, Xu Ziqiu, the CEO of TikTok, confirmed during a meeting in Congress that the app is not under the control of the Chinese government, as all American user data is stored in the US and under the supervision of an American company.

He also urged Congress to ensure that all technology companies are subject to the same security requirements, regardless of their owners.