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Apple Unveils Vision Pro Mixed-Reality Headset

Tue 06 Jun 2023 | 10:38 AM
Israa Farhan

On Monday, Apple introduced its first mixed-reality headset called Vision Pro.

This announcement was made at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2023.

"Vision Pro is a new kind of computer that augments reality by seamlessly blending the real world with the digital world… Apple Vision Pro will change the way we communicate, collaborate, work, and enjoy entertainment," Apple CEO Tim Cook said during an annual developer conference.

The device looks like a massive diving mask with a wire on the side. Vision Pro can be controlled using eyes, hands, and voice, which means the user is no longer constrained by the screen.

"You can see, hear and interact with digital content just like it's in your physical space," Cook added.

He stressed that it is the first Apple product that "you look through and not at".

Apple avoided using the words "virtual reality" and "metaverse" during the event. Its headset has been rumored to be in development by Apple insiders and Virtual Reality for years.

The Vision Pro is scheduled for release in early 2024 for $3,499.