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Ahmed Hatem Joins Film "Baad Saat Fi Youm Ma"

Fri 06 Aug 2021 | 02:09 PM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actor, Ahmed Hatem will star alongside Mai Omar in a new film titled "Baad Saat Fi Youm Ma".

The film is written by Mohamed Sadeq and is set to begin production in the coming days.

Hatem was seen recently in the second part of the TV series “Leh La”, starring Menna Shalaby.

The series, which consisted of 15 episodes, arrived from director Mariam Abou Ouf and was written by a “Sard” workshop under the supervision of the scriptwriter Mariam Naoum.

Moreover, Hatem will also appear in the TV series “Shqa 6”, which premieres on August 19.

The series is a thriller/suspense genre and consists of 15 episodes.

It also stars Ruby, Salah Abdullah, Mahmoud El-Bezzawy, Hany Adel, Rehab Al Jamal, Haya Fayad, Malak Koura, and others.

The series is produced by Ayman Youssef, directed by Mahmoud Kamel, and penned by Rafik El-Qady, Mahmoud Waheed, Souad El-Qady, and Nabil Shoaib.

The plot is centered around a woman (Ruby) and her neighbors who face the strange occurrences that unfold in apartment no. 6.