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5 Journey Books You Need to Read

Tue 05 Jan 2021 | 09:13 AM
Rana Atef

The beginning of the year is one of the greatest times for you to create a good reading list. So, SEE presents a list of Five journey books. The reason for selecting the theme of the journey is the spirituality and experience that this theme presents.

"Rouh" Trilogy by Rasha Zidan

"Rouh" trilogy is the journey of searching for the self and identifying one's own identity and spirituality. Through her character "Rouh," Zidan provides her reader with a real mystic experience through observing the progression that occurred for her character through her trips to Morocco, Turkey, and England.

Zidan provided her stories with several mystic stories, spiritual dialogues, and poetry.

"Kitab El Mowaslat" by Omar Taher

Through his warm and ironic style, Omar Taher provides his readers with amusing life lessons and morals influenced by his simple and inpidual trips. No one can imagine that these daily trips through the bus or the underground can carry deeper meanings.

"Tarnimet Salam" by Ahmed Abdel Majid

As the title depicts, this book can be as a pause, a break away from the noise of the world and pe into a mythical journey to the unknown part of the human's soul, to discover his real self, and refute any mythical thoughts in his mind. It is a message for peace and tolerance.

"Gabal El Raml" by Randa Shaath

Renowned artist and author Randa Shaath gives her readers the beauty of going back to childhood and remembering the good old days. Through her scattered memories, Shaath opens her thoughts about placement, diaspora, and identity. She employes heart whelming description for her room, work, trips, and family stories.

"Ana El Malek Gee't" by Bahaa Taher

This short stories collection is one of the most breathtaking books by the legendary Bahaa Taher. The focus here is only on the opening story of the collection which is "Ana El Malek Gee't." The story depicts the journey of a brokenhearted man who decides to discover the real meaning of life through his journey to deserts.