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25 Killed in Severe Storm in Brazil

Mon 25 Mar 2024 | 05:34 PM
Israa Farhan

Brazilian rescue teams are working tirelessly amid heavy rains to aid the victims of the severe storm that struck southeastern regions of the country over the weekend, particularly in the states of Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro, resulting in at least 25 deaths.

Two reported fatalities in Abiaca raised the death toll to 17 in the state of Espirito Santo, according to a statement from civil defense authorities.

The state governor, Renato Casagrande, described a "chaotic situation" in Mimoso do Sul, home to about 25,000 people, where at least 15 individuals lost their lives due to floods, with an official toll likely to rise.

However, the governor noted on social media that water levels had receded on Sunday following a night with almost no rainfall, allowing rescuers to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Aerial images of Mimoso do Sul taken on Saturday and released by civil defense showed entire neighborhoods submerged, with only rooftops visible.

Other images from local media depicted several vehicles swept away by the currents, including a rescue vehicle.

The storm claimed eight lives in the neighboring state of Rio de Janeiro between Friday and Saturday, most due to landslides in mountainous areas, authorities reported.

Regional authorities confirmed four deaths in house collapses and a small building in Petropolis, a tourist town about 70 kilometers from the state capital.