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10,000 People Cross Egypt's Rafah Border from Gaza Since Beginning of War

Thu 22 Feb 2024 | 11:34 AM
Rafah crossing border
Rafah crossing border
Ahmed Emam

Governor of North Sinai, Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shusha, has revealed that around 10,000 people have crossed the Rafah crossing from Gaza to the Egyptian side since the start of the war, according to the Arab World News Agency (AWP).

He further elaborated that the crossing has witnessed the movement of approximately 1,500 injured and sick Palestinian residents of Gaza, who were seeking treatment in Egyptian hospitals and some friendly nations.

Shusha continued: "They were accompanied by around 2,000 people from their families. Along with this, about 2,400 foreigners and Palestinians having dual nationality, and around 4,000 Egyptians, who were stranded in the Gaza Strip, have also crossed the border."

He also noted that the crossing has been open around the clock, including official holidays, as part of the Egyptian government's efforts to provide aid to the Palestinians. 

Rafah crossing border
Rafah border crossing- File Photo