Hawass Reveals Origins of Egyptians


There are many opinions about the origins of Egyptians. Some claimed that they have “black ” roots, while others said that they are African. These opinions try to prove that this civilization is not entitled to Egyptians

“The majority of Egyptians are Muslims. They are speaking Arabic, but we are not Arabs. There is no connection between Egyptian people and any other people in Africa. Egyptians are unique, so we have to reject all the opinions that were said about Egyptian’s origin.” well-known archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass said during an interview at Philadelphia University.

Dr. Hawass explained the theories that dealt with this subject.

The first theory,” said that Egyptians’ origin dates back to Semitic and Hamitic.

Theory’s founders believed the current shape of Egyptians living in Delta shows that they came from the east.

“The dark-colored people, who live in Upper Egypt, and rules of ancient Egyptian language which are influenced by Arabic and Hebrew languages as well as some African languages, proved the African origin of the Egyptians,” the theory said.”

Second Theory:

The second theory, adopted by the Ethiopian Sheik Anta Diop, said ancient Egyptians had black roots. He proved that by photos showing Tutankhamun and Ramesses II in black color, in addition, rules of the ancient Egyptian language which has Hamitic origin.

Replying to this theory, Hawass said inscriptions on the temples show the king beating enemies, and there are Syrian, and Palestinian people in front of him.

There are many civilizations, but there is no civilization such as the “civilization of Egypt Pharaonic.”
This civilization was based on the origin of the idea of life after death, which contributed in building Egypt.

Contributed by: Mohamed Helba

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