Hawass Promotes Egyptian Tourism Through Italian TV


Dr.Zahi Hawass, an Egyptian archaeologist, called for restoring the unique pieces to Egypt, such as; Rosetta Stone, Nefertiti head , Zodiac, the statue of Ham Euno and Ankh Khaf, during shooting a documentary film about Egypt for Italian television at Egyptian Museum and the pyramids area and saqqara.

Hawass explained that “Nefertiti statue” came out through fraud and must be returned to Egypt. He stressed the importanceof it’s back to show at the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is considered the most important cultural project at 21st century.

Also, many students and tourist groups were keen to take pictures with the famous archaeologist.

Meanwhile, Hawass reported that the Egyptian antiquities are invading all world and Italian people love the Pharaonic civilization and there are many Egyptian museums in Italy.

In addition there is a joint cooperation among Hawass and Italians in the great work which will present at the opening of great Egyptian event “Opera Tot”.


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