Hawass: Discovery Channel Promotes Tourism Internationally

The Egyptian archeologist Zahi Hawass told SEE that the broadcast of Minya’s coffins discovery on Discovery channel had promoted to Egypt’s antiquities in many countries especially in USA.

Hundreds of people around the world talked with Hawass about this event and how great and strong the Egyptian history is.

Hawass confirmed that the archaeological discoveries unveiled by antiquities ministry and foreign missions indicate Egypt’s culture power.

He mentioned that recently he has been searching for Ankh Asen Amoun’s, Tut Ankh Amoun’s wife, cemetery in King’s Valley at Luxor.

He told SEE, “When I went to France, I saw how the French people love Egyptian antiquities.”

He continued, “The archeological department under the Ministry of Antiquities is working very hard, and 2019 will witness an increase in Egyptian tourism.”

Hawass also added that in the next year Great Egyptian Museum, the most important project in the Middle East, will be opened and there will be Tut Ankh Amoun’s Opera. All these events would help to promote tourism in Egypt.

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