Did Pharaohs Reach Australia?’ Hawass Answers


Some myths claim that ancient Egyptians have managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean, reaching as far as Mexico. The Mesoamerican pyramids were set as an illustration to demonstrate the myth.

In addition, one of the Norwegian explorers built a boat out of papyrus, using the drawings illustrated on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs.

Ignoring the fact that the pharaohs did not use papyrus boats in salty water, he was unable to cross the Atlantic.

Egyptologist Zahi Hawass said, during his participation in a conference, with 20 other archaeological experts from Mexico, Indonesia, Iraq, and Peru, that there is no direct link between the Egyptian pyramids and others elsewhere.

“We all acknowledged that the idea of ​​building the pyramids originated in Egypt,” he pointed out, adding that ancient Egyptians pyramids might have influenced other models through indirect links.

“While the pharaohs’ used the pyramids as tombs, others were used for different purposes,” Hawass stated.

Another myth alleged that ancient Egyptians traveled as far as Australia.

In the 1920s, a hieroglyphic text and engravings that represent the shape of Anubis holding the sign of “Ankh” life along with the name of King Cheops was discovered in Kurringai National Park.

“During my visit to Macquarie University in Sydney, one attendant stated that hieroglyphic inscriptions have been found inside the the park,” Hawass noted.

After the spread of the subject throughout Australia, the Department of Egyptology at the University formed a scientific committee to investigate the matter. It later became clear that the hieroglyphic text was inaccurate and made no sense.

However, the site is still considered an important spot for tourists in the park.

Surprisingly, tourists didn’t endure the scientific report and fancied the idea that the pharaohs arrived in Australia in ancient times.

The legend had become deeply rooted in the collective memory of Australians and a tale narrated to young generations.

Contributed by: Taarek Refaat

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