Culture Min. Attends “Al- Sebaia of Aswan” Band In Dar al Kutub

By Ali abu Dashish

CAIRO, Feb. 12 (SEE)- Minister of Culture, Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, attended a concert for Al- Sebaia Ensemble of religious songs organized by Dar al Kutub. It was headed by Dr. Hesham Azmi , at the headquarters of its building in Bab El-Khalk which was inaugurated recently after its restoration and development in the presence of a number of culture leaders and its former heads.

Abdel Dayem confirmed that the historic edifice completes its journey in safeguarding the history of the nation, adding that the ceremony comes as part of the steps to preserve heritage treasures on both tangible and intangible levels and to enhance the human heritage in recognition of the performance of the ensemble and its artistic program.

This is in harmony with the long-standing atmosphere of the building. The artists, players and employees thanked the efforts, which were a direct cause of the completion of the renovation and development.

On his part, Azmi stressed that the opening of Dar Al Kuttab as the oldest national library in the region has attracted Arab and international attention, as well as the restoration of part of the nation’s history. He thanked the Minister of Culture for her continuous support and expressed his happiness to participate in its opening.

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