Culture Min. Announces Plan to Celebrate Egypt’s AU Chairmanship

By Ali abu Dashish

CAIRO, Feb. 13 (SEE)-Minister of Culture Dr. Inas Abdel-Dayem held a press conference, in the presence of Ahmed Ibrahim, Governor of Aswan where she announced the ministry’s agenda on the occasion of Egypt presidency of the African Union.

It is worthy of note that President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi declared Aswan as the capital of the youth of the continent. This event coincides with launching the seventh edition of Aswan International Festival of Culture and Arts organized by the General organization of Culture Palaces

On her part, Abdel-Dayem said that Aswan International Festival of Culture and Arts is part of the celebrations of the ministry of celebrating Egypt presidency of the African Union.

It also goes parallel with the declaration of Aswan as the capital of the youth of the continent, which is a historic event that reflects Egypt leadership and highlights the regional and international recognition of Egypt rank .

The participating countries aim to build bridges of communication between them and to support and promote relations between peoples. It also reflects the inspiration of the cultural heritage of each of them and of the oldest human civilizations in southern Egypt.

The various events of the celebration, which will last through 2019 , includes 110 activities in all fields :- many festivals and events organized by the ministry’s sectors. It began with the Golden Jubilee of the Cairo International Book Fair, which witnessed the participation of 10 African countries: Kenya, Ghana and Senegal, among others. The last was announced as the guest of honor for the 51st edition in 2020.

Meanwhile, the seventh edition of Aswan International Festival of Culture and Arts will be held , as a second stage of the events with the participation of 16 countries including 9 African countries.

Furthermore, seven scholarships were granted in the institutes of the Academy of Arts for the creators of African countries, in addition to a course for learning Arabic language for non-Arabic speakers for a year.

Furthermore, African visitors will be treated as native citizens in terms of ticket of entering the museums of art. 10 translated works for the most prominent African writers and thinkers will be displayed.

African communities in Egypt are invited to attend and participate in various performances that are presented on the theaters of the State and in Cairo International Animation Forum and many other activities: Art and Literary Heritage conference, Festival of African Music, African-Egyptian Circus, the first Arab-African festival of folklore in Hurghada, the festival of the citadel of Saladin, Cairo International Conference, Festival of drums and traditional arts, Arab Calligraphy Festival, Traditional Dementia Festival, Aswan, Luxor International Photography Forum.

In addition, group of art exhibitions of African artists will perform on the stage, organizing a competition for the African youth creations, Africa – the heart of Egypt conference , the forum of African children, turning the African series into a monthly publication, the exhibition of Egyptian-African relations in Sharm el-Sheikh, Luxor and Aswan.

Egypt aims at achieving the consolidation of the common ties between African countries civilization in order to shed light on the colors of thought , modern contemporary art to pave the way for the minds of artists and Troupes of Africa, concluding that Africa will remain in the heart of Egypt and Egypt will remain in the heart of Africa.

As for the seventh edition of Aswan Culture and Arts Festival, Dr. Ahmed Awad, The Head of the general organization of culture palaces , said that it will be held with the participation of 26 Troupes , representing 4 continents from 19 countries including: Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, As a guest of honor for this Edition – Mauritius – Ghana – Kenya – Togo along with other countries from the continents of Asia, Europe and Latin America including : China – Indonesia – Jordan – Palestine – Romania – Poland- Greece and Mexico.

This will also include Carnival of Culture on occasion of the sun perpendicular on the face of Ramses II on 22 February, a festivity in the archaeological places of: Botanic Garden, High Dam, Nubia Museum, Philae Temple, Nile Museum, Aswan Culture Palace, Drao – Hassan Fakhruddin – Kom Ombo – Dahmit – Kalabsha – Sebaia .

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